1. Do I need to be a Catholic to receive aid?

No, SVdP is a Catholic lay organization, but, we do not have any religious criteria for providing services. The Conference provides services to individuals without regard to race, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, criminal justice status, disability, marital status, veteran status, national origin or physical handicap.

2. Do I need to show identification to receive aid?

We ask for a picture ID when we create a file for you. If you don’t have it the first time you visit us we will not refuse to serve you. We accept any legal form of picture ID such as a consular ID, state identification card or driver’s license.

3. Do I need to be a US citizen to receive aid?

No, there is no citizenship requirement and we do not give your citizenship status to anyone.

4. How can I get food from the pantry?

Come to the office on Wednesday and Friday during our normal open hours. We will ask for information and provide food that same day.

5. How can I get help with utilities or other bills?

You may call first and leave a message or come to the office on Wednesday or Friday morning during our normal open hours. Bring a current bill and, if you have them, two previous bills, including any shutoff notices. You will be interviewed and a decision will be made on assistance within two days of the visit.

6. How can I get help with educational assistance?

Call the office and leave a message for the Systemic Change Coordinator to return your call. Speak clearly and leave your phone number. You can pick an application up at the office on Wednesday or Friday during our normal open hours or be sent one that you must fill out and return. You will be interviewed by the Coordinator and a decision will be made as soon as possible.

7. How can I join Saint Vincent de Paul?

Just have your name submitted to the Conference President and you will be brought up to the Conderence for approval. If approved you will be given a Vincentian welcome and receive a one day Ozanam Orientation.

8. Do I need to be a Catholic to become a member?

No, non-Catholics can become an Associate Member.

9. Where do we get our funding?

All of our funding is donated by generous people just like you.

10. How do I donate money?

The easiest way is through the PayPal link on our website or Facebook page or by using the SVdP QR code in the church bulletin. You can also write a check to Malachy St. Vincent de Paul or give cash. You can mail the donation in, place it in the donation boxes in the church or hand it to someone in the SVdP or Parish offices.

11. How do I donate food?

The easiest way is to drop it off at the pantry during our normal open hours on Wednesday or Friday. When the pantry is closed you can stop by the Parish office Tuesday through Friday between 8 a.m. and noon and ask them to assist you.